Marine Foard

MARINE FOARD event is based on the machine learning concept, in which participants are expected to perform Exploratory data analysis, Feature engineering and develop ML model with the given dataset.

Rules & Guidelines

  • The participant should develop a ML model with given dataset
  • Individual Participation
  • Language : Python
  • Evaluated based on the accuracy obtained, visulizations made and pre-processing techniques used.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Participants shouldn’t copy code from Github or from any other source
  • In first round, Participants will be working on Pre-processing (cleaning dataset) ,along with visualization.
  • Based on accuracy obtained, visualizations made & Pre-processing techniques used, evaluation will take place and the points will be given.
  • Based on points, participants will be shortlisted to second round.
  • In second round, participant will be developing ML model with the given dataset that you handled in the first round.
  • Platform : Google colaboratory
  • Venue : MAD Lab (tentative)