Code De Buggy

Event for debugging a code

Rules & Guidelines

  • This is a solo event.
  • The event will be conducted as 2 rounds in offline
  • Once debugging is over the participant can proceed to coding.
  • Coding consists of 3 questions with different difficulty level and time frame.
  • Venue : Innovation Lab
  • The platform is Hackerrank
  • Budget : Prize amount for 1st , 2nd positions
  • Timings :1:30-2:30(debugging) 2:30-3:30(coding)
  • The first round is a knock-off round as a 1v1 the one who debugs first will be qualified
  • If no one completes both the participants will be eliminated
  • Plagiarism and cheating is strictly not allowed
  • Quote :"Coders, Our rule!! It's wrecked, fix it until it is rebuilt If it compiles, ship it”