Calypso's Sculpts

Web Designing event

Rules & Guidelines


Heyy folks!! Calypso’s sculpts is a technical event for all those web designers out there. Use your skills to solve the challenges in the web development domain. The event consists of two rounds.
Round 1 is a web development components challenge to be solved using JavaScript.
Timing: 30 mins.
Round 2 is a web development challenge where you will be creating a webpage with a template that will be specified on the spot.
Timing: 45mins.


  • The team shall contain maximum upto 3 members
  • Candidates should stick on to the timings for both the rounds.
  • This is a web development based contest, the theme will only be announced on the day of the event.
  • Changing themes halfway through the event will not be permitted.
  • You will be disqualified if your design does not adhere to the given theme.
  • Platform : Vscode / PyCharm / any suitable code editor
  • Budget:Prize amount for 1st , 2nd positions
  • Venue : CSE 2nd Floor Lab (tentative)
  • Quote : “Building the ship for the pirates”